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Who am I, and why this blog?

Once upon a time, my son told me “You should start a blog.”

My response - “What’s a blog?”

And one son's help and many months later, here we are.

You see, he recognized that I have an itch to share health tips, recipes, travel tales, and various musings - all with intent to share light, dinner inspiration, or a smile. Because life is way too short not find light. every. single. day.

Before we go any further you may want to know...

I am not a life coach, an expert, or even tech savvy. (Hmm you probably figured that one out already.)

But I am someone who values her family and being healthy above any measure of wealth, someone living life one day at a time, one step at a time.

I ask a lot of questions. But don't we all have questions? Have you yet met anyone who’s figured it all out? I sure haven't.

I like to quote people once in a while.

"The more I learn, the less I realize I know." - Socrates

Where I'm coming from...

Any Canucks or New Englanders out there? I'm a NH born French-Canadian turned Greek-loving Californian, a small town girl turned world traveler and polyglot. I'm a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, physical therapist, Arbonne consultant, health advocate, casual gardener, accidental artist, and musician who loves any chance to dance.

I think we all are better when we get a daily dose of connection and beauty, especially if that beauty lies within. I love many things and choose to hate nothing, because isn't life too short to waste that energy? Besides, I think each of deserves love, respect, and a chance to be our best selves; and no matter what we say or do to mess that up, there's always a chance to start over.

Some days are easier and others a challenge. But isn't every day just a little bit better when we take a breath, get outside, hug someone, laugh, or just remember what we can be thankful for?

So if you see a little bit of yourself in my posts, if my musings bring a little light to your life, then yay! My hope for this blog is to look at the sunny side of life.

Because yeah, we all have our days when we'd like to get back in bed and start over!

But isn't life less about what happens then it is about what you do with what happens?

So on that note, let's make the rest of today the best of today, shall we?


This blog is part homespun diary, part health, hobby, and travel tips, musings from a mother, and the pursuit of “kefi” from someone who’s spent much of her life “doing” and is now discovering the joy of simply…. being. You may ask, what is kefi? Well short answer is (to borrow a French Phrase) “joie de vivre” - joy, satisfaction, fulfillment. What Brene Brown may call living whole heartedly. I expect to share many kefi producing moments and reflections in this blog, and invite others to do the same. The world can always use just a bit more brightness.

Why am I writing this? Being somewhat of a “thinker”, this is my way of getting my thoughts out - because past experience has shown me that being pensive has sometimes gotten me in a rut. On the other hand being thoughtful, looking outward from within, has gotten me out of that rut. So with this blog I hope to shed light on thoughts, ideas, practices, opportunities and knowledge that uplift, enlighten and serve others in their daily lives... because the world is full enough of the stuff that tears us down! In its best case scenario, it’s the cornerstone of a virtual community, people helping people not just to get by, but to find ways to thrive. And if nothing else, I’ll get thoughts out of my mind space into the cyber space and maybe, just maybe, it’ll spread a ray of light somewhere.

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